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First LEGO League

FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a global robotics community that prepares young people for the future, through a set of inclusive robotics programs for ages 4 to 18. Its events are in more than 108 countries and annually brings together more than 950 thousand children around the world participating in its tournaments. Each Year FIRST proposes a worldwide problem where children from all over Edmundo must give, think and imagine scientific and robotic solutions to the problem posed.


Every year in the month of August, the FIRST LEGO teams are presented with a scientific challenge, which corresponds to a real world problem that is occurring, so that they can focus on and investigate it. The robotics portion of the competition involves designing and programming LEGO robots to complete missions on a gaming table. The dynamics of the robot game are also based on the challenge or problem proposed by FIRST.

More than robots!! We are Team Biosbot Colombia, a robotics team that competes in national and international FIRST LEGO League tournaments. We are currently the national champions in this tournament in Colombia. Visit our YouTube channel
FIrst LEGO League

FIRST LEGO League is a challenge that must be solved through an innovative solution where students do the work. A team is made up of up to 10 members of different ages and a coach who plays the role of group support, without actually taking the lead.


The team is the one who sets its objectives and the purpose of its project, and is also the one who looks for the necessary tools to carry out a participation that provides them with something more than an experience. The main objective of FIRST LEGO League is that, above all, being part of this experience is something that increases motivation for learning, for science and fortechnology.  In addition, each member's perspectives on themselves improve, through the resolution of a challenge closely linked to reality.


The challenge consists of three parts: the realization of a scientific project with an innovative solution, the robot competition, in which each team builds a lego robot to solve the missions that are presented in a time trial game, and the presentation of FLL values: we work, we teach what we work on and we are aware of how we do it. In addition to being a powerful educational tool, FIRST LEGO League is also a space where values are put into practice.main from our Biosbot Robotics Foundation.


These three parts turn FIRST LEGO League into a friendly competition where competition and cooperation go hand in hand, giving rise to the great value of FLL: cooperation. This work climate is one that favors the development and construction of the skills and abilities of the 21st century, with a very attractive maxim: we learn while we do,inclusion social is a fundamental part of our teams and  above all, we have fun!

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